Scott Travis / Judas Priest setup


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I recently worked stage crew for a Judas Priest show, and was assigned to work with their drum tech in setting up their drum kit for Scott Travis. It was an honor and fabulous experience, and a really unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the gear and all the behind the scenes info. It was a wonderful kit, and sounded absolutely amazing. I've done tons of shows and setup many drum kits over the years, but it's always a privlege and special experience to get hands on with bands and drummers I respect.


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He's a fantastic drummer, watching him his style is very fluid/languid, as the listener you hear merry hell coming off the stage yet he looks chilled out and seems to be expending less effort than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Cmdr. Ross

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Isn't he one of the few pro drummers that sit really low behind this kit? Like "knees below 90 degrees" low?

David Hunter

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He grew up 2 houses down from my current home. His mom continued to live there until recently. Very nice lady. Scott had the home fixed up and just sold it. I saw him over there fairly often - in fact, we watched a neighborhood house having a fire put out just a few months ago. No band talk, just small talk while watching the firemen. He then came over to check out the layout of my house, to compare it with his mom's.

I vaguely knew Scott when he was a local metal drummer back in the early 80s. Always had a big kit: Ludwig Stainless Steel, as I recall. Had the obligatory fire extinguishers mounted on the bass drums, lol. His was a different club circuit than the clubs I was playing back then. I know he still plays the occasional sub gig for a couple of bands around here when he's around. Anyway, it's good to see that he's done well in the biz.


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Isn't he one of the few pro drummers that sit really low behind this kit? Like "knees below 90 degrees" low?
How can he NOT have back problems?🤔


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Same with Dave Lombardo, he sits really low too. Whatever feels comfy!
And if he has back problems, I'm sure he has a healthy supply of Painkillers

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