Saw Queen in Perth tonight!!


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Well....what can I say.

Queen played in Perth tonight, quite often regarded as the world's most isolated capital city.

These guys played at Optus Stadium.

It was unbelievable. The theatrics, the SOUND!

Roger absolutely still rocks hard. He did a brief, nifty little drum solo.....much appreciated by the crowd.

It was the loudest concert I've ever been to.

Adam Lambert has an astonishing voice.

Brian goodness, what an absolute artist. His solos still sound amazing and fresh after all these years.

It was a humid night, but they ploughed through.

Thank you Queen for an incredible, unforgettable experience.


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Very cool Ben.... I saw their show in Dallas. Like you said.... amazingly entertaining. Soooo much damn talent.
glad you posted your experience.

If you can.... do what you can to see Queen. it will be very memorable