Sabian aa 17 rock crash any opinions?


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Way back when I used Sabian AA Rock Crashes including a 17". If you like an extremely piercing, bright and gong like sound then the Rock Crash will fit the bill. After re-evaluating my initial cymbal choices I progressed to lighter weight cymbals (Thin & Medium-Thin) and kept my smallest crash at an 18". I would say try the 17" out first and see what you think.


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I used to play a 16 AA rock crash for years. Great cymbal, nice volume and power. Sounded low compared to its size.


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Is this a 17 a very old cymbala?
Sound wise I have paiste pst7 as my others , would this one fit that group?


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I've used some of their AA rock cymbals.. I prefer AAX and I prefer medium thin...but that's just my preference.


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I'm not familiar with the 17" AA Rock specifically, but in my experience 17" is right on the edge of being a little too small for that much weight. If you really smack your cymbals I think it would work fine, especially in a live setting.

But honestly, I don't know if it's going to blend with the Paistes at all. I personally don't care for mixing crashes that are B8 alloy and B20 alloy in one set up. I'd say if you like contrast, go for the Sabian, but you'd probably be happier with adding another size or another weight of PST7.


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Like others have mentioned thinner than rock crashes sound better. Thin to medium tend to sound the best to most people anyway. Heavy rock cymbals were the rage in the 80s but not so much lately. It is quite possible that you may prefer that sound and that's ok, if you do like them then go for it. Listen to some on with good headphones to help you decide.


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I had a 16" AA medium crash 8 years ago. Man it was hard to open that up using the 5A sticks I usually played with.
Too thick, I sold it. I also prefer thinner crashes for better control. My 2 AAXplosion cymbals are as heavy as I'd ever need