Roland, Yamaha or 2box help (silicone vs mesh heads)


I'm looking to buy an electric kit, my budget is about £1700 so I've narrowed it down to 3 options.
Yamaha DTX700k, Roland TD-15kv or 2box DrumIt Five.

I like the 2box but I'm a bit concerned about the build quality (especially the bass drum). I need some opinions on silicone heads vs mesh heads, which has a more realistic feel to it?
Any opinions on this would be appreciated, thanks :)


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Have you considered the Alesis DM-10 Studio? It's less money ($800) and very easy to convert to mesh heads. Pearl Rhythm Traveler heads did the job for me at $60 for the whole set. It's easily the most bang for the buck IMHO.


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only you can decide by trying them both. Myself I much prefer yamaha's TCS pads over the Roland mesh heads, but everyone is different.