Roland Trigger Mounting Issue


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We are using the Roland TD30 triggers to open gates at church. I have a 8x14 black nickel over brass snare drum with dicast hoops. I cannot get the trigger to mount to my snare. When I tighten it the front of the trigger leans forward and causes a weird dampening effect. When I loosen it to not have that issue then it is so loose that it comes off.

I figure I have to be doing something wrong as they mount to the house Pork Pie snare and Gretch Renown toms just fine.

Any ideas?


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I've got the opposite effect with my TD30 triggers... When tightening the screw, the trigger pulls back, causing it to not be sensitive enough to function accurately, even after raising the sensitivity level in the module to compensate. The trigger just gets too far away from the drum head. I've not found a way to resolve it, other than to force the trigger down to almost break it.