Roland TD12 unwanted rimshot when hitting snare


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Have a PD120 snare pad. When playing softly or occasionally even with stronger strikes, the rim shot sounds in place of the snare pad sound. Had this problem for a while now and not been able to find a cure. Have played with trigger sensitivity, rimshot gain...etc. Can anyone advise?


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I'm interested in this too (TD9). Sometimes I get a crash when I hit the snare, its an intermittent problem, so I've just been ignoring it


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I have played many Roland product, and I always fought with snare sound shifting to rimshot or, worst playing a rim shot when I want a cross stick sound.
I worked with the velocity / sensitivity, but it's still difficult to get everytime a nice cross stick sound when I want one. For the rimshot, it's the same, the rimshot sound is so different from the plain head sound that it's difficult to have a nice rendering.


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Try changing the trigger type. Maybe to a pdx 100 if your module supports it. I had to do that with my td 11. Of I was using splitters with my td 50 I had to change to a lesser pad in the triggers bank. Maybe you've already tried it. I hope you get it figured out, I know that it is annoying.