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Many moons ago I owned a Gretsch hi hat stand that had a rocker style pedal. That is, the footplate went back further than the hinge so you could force open the cymbals by pushing your heel down. It was a light duty pedal and not in good shape (got it used) and I sold it with the Gretsch kit I had at the time.

Lately I've been thinking that I miss that feature and it doesn't seem that anyone makes that style anymore. Well, to be honest, I have looked around but haven't done exhaustive searching. Does anyone know of a modern make/model of this type?

Maybe it's just nostalgia for something I used decades ago but I would like to try one again.


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I found some pics that might help visualizing this pedal. These are two Gretsch rocker style hi-hat pedals. The model 4846 "monster" on the right is the one I used to have. Note the location of the heel hinge, an inch or so in front of the back edge, thus allowing you to rock your foot back to force the HH open.

I am not necessarily interested in these models, just a model with this style of footplate.

Thanks for any input.


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I don't get it. The internal spring separates the 2 cymbals when you lift your foot from the pedal. Why would I need to press on the rear of the pedal to open the cymbals?


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well, for me, (not sure if OP is the same but...) I play double bass, and keep the hats set fairly close to each other for a sloshy sound, I hate the sound of open hi-hats that are too far apart. This doesn't really allow for a good foot-chick. if I need a decent foot chick, I'll usually push up with my toes where the footboard connects to the pull rod.


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Larry, the point is that you have more control. Instead of just relying on the restoring force of the spring, you can control in two directions, by using your toes/ball of foot or your heel. For example, you can open a HH faster this way (and potentially more fully open as Bretton indicates) and by rocking your foot back and forth, you can achieve greater subtlety in partial openings.

Gretsch made a bunch of variations on the theme for many years so they must have been reasonably popular. I can understand that the basher crowd has zero use for it but I am surprised that no specialty manufacturers offer anything (at least that I have been able to find).

It's sort of the same kind of thing with rocker kick pedals. I had a Ghost pedal back in the 70s that was hinged the same way.