Rock/Metal drummers: Kick drum beaters that give you a real "click"?


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There was a time where I used both Danmar's metal kick patch and the red wooden "apple" beaters.

I must have thought Vinnie Paul's sound had nothing to do with mic chambering or triggering.


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If you want a clicking sound check out the Gibraltar Clickpad it's a mylar pad with a metal disk inside.

As far as beaters go I've been using wooden beaters for a little over a year and they're awesome! Wooden beaters give your kick drum sound some SERIOUS punch! They're also really loud on the drummer side so your kick doesn't get lost in the mix, it's really helpful for double kick stuff!


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I go back to the time of the red wooden Danmar beaters + a leather patch with a big coin on the backside.

It was always a "thing" when you broke a coin in half or more pieces.


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Rock/Metal drummers Kick drum beaters that give you a real "click"

I went to Michaels and Joann Fabrics and they did not have any solid rings that were acceptable to me, only some very thin ones.

What kinds of things are you guys using for your bottom ring?