Rick Dior: great teacher joined the forum.....!!


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One of the best educational drum channels out there, he's doing a series right now of reading and interpreting big band charts.


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I just got done watching this one video of him demo-ing about a dozen snares he likes to use for jazz. But it's his playing while demo-ing those snares that holds my attention. His 15" old K hi hats from the 50's are Ah-mazing. His fast JRP is just smokin fast. Those brush flutters he does (with one brush on the rim, the tips flutter on the head) sounds great, looks cool and knocks me out. He is everything I'm not lol. I can't do anything that man does ha ha. The 4 way coordination he does boggles my mind. What an inspiration.
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Matt Suda

I’ve been on a journey to develop traditional grip for a few years now. While there are several YouTube videos that I’ve found insightful, Rick’s is probably the best out there.

He’s a true drummer’s drummer when it comes to content.


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I could watch and listen to this guy talk and play drums for hours.

I covet his drumset ability and his musical sensibilities.
I have done so since finding him on YT in Spring 2020. The best full topic drum teacher on the internet, the easiest to understand, and FUN to watch.
His books are amazing, I bought his Drumset book last May and it's a daily go-to for practice of some sort (which has greatly improved my coordination).
Watching his big band drumming videos now, will be studying them all as they make so much sense.
And I too covet his abilities/sensibilities...:cool:

Mr Farkle

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THE BEST! Great personality, fun to watch, amazing player and matter of fact humility. He doesn’t brag but he does tell you what you need to know and you get the feeling you can trust what he says.

I’ve been watching him for years and have leaned so much. He’s creating a legacy. I don’t think there’s anything else out there like his channel.


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I like him, too. No jive. No ghosted commercials for gear. And he knows his business, and can play everything he's demonstrating. Honest and clear approach.

Neal Pert

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Hey, guys,

I've been thinking of getting myself some Paiste 602s and I'm just wondering-- who's got them? What kinds of music are you using them for?

Was thinking of something like a Modern Essentials Ride and hats and some Classic Thin crashes, but I haven't decided yet.


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I have 18/19/20 thin crashes, 18 medium crash from 1980, 22 medium ride, 15 medium over heavy hats (my 602 version of New Beats), and 15 Modern Essentials hats. I originally got them for recording and for playing country, but they are great all-purpose cymbals.


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Funny story. I've bought and sold the 24 inch 602 ride about 4 times.

I love the ride when I was playing heavy metal and it crashes so good.

But I've recently sold it..


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I have the 22” 602 ME ride, 22” ME China, and 15” ME hats. They’re mellower sounding (to me) than the regular 602 line, but still have a bit of that Paiste glassine quality (but not nearly like the Signature line).

I got the 22” ride because, for a while, I was playing 5B sticks which washed out my usual ride cymbal (20” Medium Light Traditional). When I went back to 5A sticks, I decided to keep the cymbal. I do have a 5” strip of gaffer’s tape on the underside to tame the wash, though.

The 15” hats are very versatile and have a bit of a nice chunky sound & feel to them.

The 22” ME China is loud. I use it mostly like a swish/ride, but have bashed it a few times.


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I have a 22 ME Ride, and it’s a nice cymbal, but, as others have mentioned, it’s heavy and loud. It’s a rock cymbal. Too bright and heavy for anything else. I only use it on loud gigs with a proper PA and a larger room. It would stand out too much in a big band, and it would overwhelm a pub or small club that isn’t crazy loud.

But, it has more nuance that other rock cymbals; it’s not just a ping monster with a bell. Nice sustain for slower tunes. Nice wash that gets loud, but only as much as you’d want it to. I’ll crash it, but usually in a series of crashes, not just on its own.
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