Replacing the rod/lever of Speed Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat


I've had a Tama Speed Cobra Level Glide Hi-Hat stand for some time now. The action has started feeling a little off though, and the pedal angle adjustment doesn't really do anything anymore. I figured I'd get a new one, but $300?! Expeeensive. But I really like the stand/pedal and don't want to downgrade.

Is there any to replace just the rod/lever assembly? Like everything from the Kevlar strap and up, inside the tube?
If so, where do I get the parts and are there any instructions how?

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Try the spring first. The rod and lever are hard parts, all they do is move. The spring is inside the tube. If you unthread the rod, the mechanism and spring should fall out the bottom. Swap the spring and rethread the rod.