Regal Tip out of business?

I'm gonna guess you haven't seen "Horrible Bosses" as that is Colin Farrell's character Bobby Pellitt. He took over his father's company after his death and used it "as my personal ATM".
A little context and it sounds like it might have been spot on, lol
No. Guilty as charged. LOL.

Cmdr. Ross

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Yeah, actually the response was from one of the family members (second generation). What I've found over the years, with family businesses, is, by the time it gets down to the grandchildren, things can really go sideways.
We had a VERY successful mexican food restaurant here in town that once the dad retired & passed it onto his kids, they started cutting corners in quality & quantity. It took about 8 months for people to notice enough for the place to close. :(
Regal Tip is done in my town , none of the brick and mortar shops here want anything to do with them anymore . Very sad state of affairs to be honest .
Same here.
My local Sam Ass had 1 pair of brand new 5b's that are now so rare, that I didn't use them on my kit at all. They're on permanent pad duty (as I use Ahead for my kit work).
They were my first brand of sticks that I bought with my own money as a 9 year old in 1979. I'll keep these forever as a memento of better days gone by.


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This whole Regal Tip situation is sad.
I've come to find some non RT sticks that feel good. I even shellac some and it gets the feel close.
When I do grab a real Regal Tip, though, there's just nothing quite like it.

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It’s absolutely unreal to me that we’re here just over two years later and still don’t know the answer.
I think they as a company just let people figure it out on their own. Sort of pulled a "Homer Simpson vanishing into the bushes" move & when the sticks are gone, they're gone.
Not telling their fans & endorsees is beyond a dick move IMO.