Re-Shaping Tip of Drumstick

C.M. Jones

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Attempt #1 with a really cheap stick that came with a bundle when I purchased an electric kit.
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*believe it or not, whatever is going on with that weird "coloration" thing (most prominent in the third photo) was already there, not a result of my sanding

Only took about 5-7 minutes with some 120 grit sandpaper and a flat surface. Not perfect but not bad for a first pass. I took no specific measurements and didn't even reference a factory barrel tip, although I probably will going forward. Could use some leveling out.
Nice work. Looks like you're on the road to sculpting your ideal stick.


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Looks great-do you have a handheld Dremmel you can mold that stick holding and sculpt it. I've done it with a piece of wood for another purpose but I know it would mold any tip.


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A bench top disc/belt sander would be fabulous for reshaping stick tips. They can get kinda pricey. Harbor Freight has one for ~$55, they go up from there. If you plan on doing a ton of sticks it might be a worthwhile investment.


Rock Salad

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IDK, those are probably to aggressive? It really doesn't take much just with a loose piece of sandpaper, as organworthy has shown. Maybe a mount for the stick itself would be handy, to spin it stablely in place.

Also, I recommend coating the tip with crazy glue. It soaks in and makes any tip more durable


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Maybe a mount for the stick itself would be handy, to spin it stablely in place.
That's actually what I was thinking with the bench sander. The disk on the side has an adjustable fence. One could set the angle they want then gently press the stick against the disk.

I dont think it matters at this point as @organworthyplayer337 seems to have it figured out anyhow.

Mr Farkle

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My drum instructor noticed my worn sticks and said that they reminded him that he used to file the tips of his new sticks to almost a point. I didn’t ask him why or anything else about it but it didn’t sound like rocket science. Just a file.


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Thanks C.M. for the nod. I have plenty of tools in which do do this but I would peruse the websites of stick companies and find the closest thing and go from there or just get use to the stick that is close. The WEN belt sander shown would be a good tool but they are very unforgiving . Depending on the grit of paper they will take the tip down very quickly. Held properly you can spin them and make a tip in a hurry.


I used to frequent the cymbalholic forum over a decade ago and a ton of those guys swear by putting their stick tips in a pencil sharpener to thin them out. I could only see this working with one of those big old school metal ones that can accept larger pencils. Never tried it, I like ball and barrel tips, but it seemed to be a very common occurrence over there. I did one time lightly sand a vic firth acorn tip to be a bit smaller... It made a tip I already don't like even less enjoyable haha.