rdavidr Videos


Does anyone else here enjoy the You Tube videos from drummer rdavidr, aka David Raouf? I like his irreverent and dry sense of humor and the way he cuts up drums and cymbals, makes drums out of junk parts and suitcases, restores old beaters, and never takes himself too seriously. The video where he and a friend tested out snare drum cases was a real hoot that had me laughing out loud.

Here it is.


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Yeah, he's definitely among my favorites. I like to tinker with my drums myself, and I have also enjoyed watching his production values and playing improve over the years. He also makes me laugh a bit. What's not to like?


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Overall I enjoyed what he does. He’s good with sticks and tools and I respect that.


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If I’ve learned anything from his videos is that modding drums and cymbals simply isn’t worth the time and energy for me. If I want a different sound out of a cymbal, I just need to go buy a different cymbal.

I’m also jealous of some of the deals he finds. He’s always like, “I just found this Dunnet titanium snare at Goodwill for $50. I thought it would match up nicely with this old Ludwig kit that Ringo played on the Ed Sullivan show that I found at a local church yard sale for $100 and this 2022 Ford F150 I found in a dumpster.” Meanwhile, I’m over here in BFE NC trying to find cymbal felts within a 100-mile radius of my house.