R LK L RK Linear Fill


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This fill showed up on a reel in FB and couldn't find it again. I found a video using one kick which is basically the same but using two feet seems more balanced for me. This sounds like a most basic and great sounding linear fill but seems to be rarely used. One comment said it was the forbidden linear fill. I'm going to give it a go and see if I can get some speed and use it.
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Is this the same fill? John Rick does it super smooth.
I got this video link from his Drummerworld post called "4 Limb Single Stroke Roll (RH, LF, LH, RF)"



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Love these linear patterns...really cements my bass to my other voices when not playing the pattern.

Use care when flavoring your playing with the pattern itself...while it may feel interesting to you, be sure you are saying what you mean to inside the song(of course!). Its easy to get lost in skills that are interesting but don't really work inside the song...or I should say, easy to let your composition be effected by your desire to show skill.

I find that I am happiest with my compositions when they do not attract attention...even though I am, traditionally, a skill chaser with a passion for prog-ish-ness.


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To me it's the most basic linear pattern but certainly not the easiest to play. Even playing it very well, he says he rarely uses it. I'm thinking a slower tempo fill.


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As for the 6 note pattern - RLKLRK - the first time I recall hearing it was on the great forgotten gem of an album - Jack Daugherty and the Class of Nineteen Seventy-One. On the track “Feel So Good” - played by Jeff Porcaro (with Jim Keltner playing other drum part). Jeff plays bits of the lick throughout - but it’s first big appearance is right after 2:20

BTW legend has it that this Jeff’s first union recording session.