Question about thread bumping

Ollie Bonugli

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I've read over the rules quite a few times but there's 1 thing I'm still curious about: if there is a thread that hasn't had any replies in 2 years (for example) and it's a thread such as 'What's your favourite .......' rather than 'Should I buy ..... or .........' (In other words a thread that doesn't really go out of date) and I reply to it offering information etc rather than just to bump it up, is that against the rules? Apologies if that doesn't make much sense.



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The biggest problem with thread bumping is to get a response to a thread that maybe has not gotten an answer, or if you are trying to sell something and continue to bump it to the front. Answering one that is two years old isn't a problem unless your answer is one that has already been posted. If it is indeed new info, I don't see a problem.