Qello Concerts - Apple TV


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Has anyone else discovered the qello app on Apple TV?

Thousands of concerts. Stuff (70’s Gadd), Zappa, Pat Metheny, Rush. Hair bands to metal to jazz. It’s really quite an amazing library of awesome video music performance.


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I just downloaded the app on my Apple TV. Unfortunately the actual cost is $11.99/month, not $4.99. HOWEVER, you can create a free account that lets you access free “channels” within the app (they call it “QTV”). Looks like 24 channels with categories such as Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Metal, New Wave, Punk and more. Free is definitely worth it, and I think it’s unlimited viewing. Right now I’m watching Pink Floyd in concert on the Classic Rock channel, and all I did was create a free account.
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I saw this recently but the $11.99 price tag is too much for something I'll watch occasionally. I might just do a 7 day free trial and watch a couple of things I saw on there that I really wanted to watch.