Pro Mark Shira Kashi Oak Sticks...


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Hey everyone,

i recently purchased a pair of the Pro Mark Shira Kashi Oak sticks from my local music store. the one pair seems to be holding up fine, but it's the first time i've ever tried anything from pro mark. since now, i've only used vic firth, but i decided to try something new.

has anyone used these sticks? were they good or bad? how long did they last you?

thanks a bunch!!


The Oak sticks arent for me personally, but ProMarks commitment to their products - and particularly their customer service, is second to none.


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these sticks have held up nicely so far. i broke one pair but the pair i have now has held up really nicely. i think its probably just that pair was a little weaker. i'm using the 5a and 7a as well, and i'm really liking their feel. i also like how they don't flake, they just kinda dent and chip off. they are solid sticks for the most part.


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After much experimentation I settled a while ago on using Oak 5As. I love them. They give me the size of the 5A but just a little more heft and durability, which I prefer. It's all personal preference of course but they are well made sticks.