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Yeah. I know the type.

This particular dude I referenced was just plain obnoxious. He did his best to turn every conversation into a debate, a lecture on his vast knowledge or irrefutable proof that you're stupid. Knowing I was a guest at someone else's house, I kept my thoughts to myself unless directly attacked. Even then, my response was a mere whisper of what I really wanted to say,
And what kind of host grilles and devalues their guests?


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I find at gigs, the drunk crowd are even worse nowadays.

In the last year at gigs I’ve had:

My band mates were told ‘you’ve got a good band but your drummer needs to play different rhythms. Like, listen to dance music or hip hop’ - we were pretty much playing Chuck Berry covers. I’m not sure what different rhythms I could’ve played to Johnny B Goode.

Been told at a tiny city centre venue by the owner to keep the volume as low as possible. I played with brushes, it’s an acoustic band anyway. Later on an older guy come up and says I need to drum harder because John Bonham was never seen with brushes?!

Even had someone come up to me and say I should play over the top of the songs like I’m in Motörhead. Again I was playing the usual cover set - Rolling Stones, Killers, Bryan Adam’s, playing with my band mates not against them.

That last example intrigued me because he didn’t seem that drunk so I thought, great, a fellow drummer, let’s have a chat. I asked if he plays many gigs. No. Just getting the set together with your band then? Something like that he replied. I decided to push him a bit what kind of music do you play, I enquired. His reply....‘I just play rockband in my bedroom on my PlayStation.’

Well played, Sir.

I'm always careful when engaged by drunks. They're unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. One technique I sometimes use to disengage is to suddenly say "On no! We're getting feedback! I need to adjust the PA!" Works every time. 😎 I've used the same technique to save "save" other band members when they get buttonholed by a drunk. "Hey dude, you're amp is starting to smoke!"


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And what kind of host grilles and devalues their guests?

It was a very unpleasant and unusual situation; one I hadn't encountered before. My wife was equally annoyed by the whole ordeal.

When people ask about my band, they're primarily interested in the funny stories, the misadventures, the hilarious on-stage screw-ups or the crazy drunks in the audience. I have a whole bunch of self deprecating, humorous stories that can make anyone laugh. (We all do!) And I'm happy to oblige. What I don't need is for someone with zero knowledge of my craft trying to ridicule me in front of a group. I can do that just fine, all by myself! 😆

This was the first time someone (a sober person, anyhow) had ever attempted to start something like this.


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With our education system being what it is(lecture style) and our employment being what it is(get your employees to think management ideas are theirs) its no wonder we have such fits right into the culture.

Cmdr. Ross

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My opinion regarding quantum physics is useless, but I may have something to offer regarding paradiddles.
I love this!
Sadly, those asking you about said paradiddles will still correct you on them even though they've never even held a pair of sticks.:rolleyes:

I've pretty much decided to be as much like Mr. Spock as possible. Just stick to facts at hand & don't offer 10 words when 5 will do.
People talk too much these days as it is, so why exacerbate the situation?


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Sorta drum related, but also life in general.
Over the last year, I've seen a growing trend in how my interaction with people have gone. I'll be asked by someone who knows I'm a drummer a drum related question. When I give the answer, I'm then confronted by that same person telling me I'm only partly correct. Then they proceed to give me "the rest of it" just to (I guess) show me that they know more than me.

And it's not only drumming subjects. It seems like it's everything these days. I just don't know quite enough to satisfy the person I'm talking to and they have no issue with telling me either how I don't know what I'm talking about or how wrong I am.
Yet they're the ones who ASKED ME!!!

I'm really starting to hate people more and more these days & I don't like myself for it. Yet I see no end in sight. :confused:
I think the proper term for that type of person is Askhole.


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Has anyone ever gotten the World Famous, "Do you know what you should do <Insert unsolicited advice here>?" When, of course, that person has never done what he/she is suggesting. Then they get insulted when you don't take their advice, which you didn't ask for in the first place..
You play golf too?


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I've really noticed since moving to a tourist destination that it's really about "me" and posting to instatwitface. It's not about the place, or the culture, or anything of that ilk. It's about the selfie that says " I was there, look at me there" and they miss everything. Except to add the filter so that it looks nothing like reality.
Oh, and to also get blind drunk and act like a complete arse.