Playing cracked/damaged cymbals............


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Related question: let’s say you really love a cymbal like this, would it be better to baby it and/or limit its use to recordings because it’s likely to deteriorate rapidly, crack in half, etc or will it probably stay pretty much the same for a long time? (Playing normally, not bashing or anything.) Sometimes I hear a great sound file of a damaged cymbal for sale but I’m unsure how much trouble I’d be asking for.


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Personally I can never play broken cymbals. I have no bad feelings when I see drummers doing so, if anything I admire it. For me, broken cymbals a) don't sound good, and b) are a pain in the arse to play without damaging sticks or the cymbal itself.


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"Which one of you stunods broke the powerwasher?"
In fairness, I'd only use this phase if it was apparent that the powerwasher was broken due to some gross misuse that was immediately obvious, like if someone was using it to de-feather a turkey or the remnants of a prophylactic remained on the wand.

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