Places to take in live music in Boston and New York


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My wife and I are holidaying in the USA and Canada for 6 weeks in just over a weeks time. Amongst a lot of travelling we will have 3 nights in Boston and 4 nights in New York. Whilst we have travelled extensively in the USA previously we have never been to those cities. Given the opportunity we would like to take in some live music in those cities in one of the evenings whilst we are there. We are staying centrally in both those places. We are both 67 and are so classic rock, country ,cover bands etc. would be our interest. As an example, we visited Nashville 3 years ago and had a ball walking up and down the main street taking in all the great live music in the bars till about 1.00 in the morning. Any suggestions appreciated.


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There's nothing like Nashville in Boston or NYC. I've lived and played in NYC and Boston and visited Nashville...
There's just nothing that compares in either city for that type of music.
You can find great jazz in NYC if you're into that but classic rock, country and cover bands are not really a thing in either city.