Picked up a Mapex V series Jazz Kit...


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So my dad called me from the flea market on the weekend and told me that someone was selling a used 5 piece Mapex V series Jazz kit (18 bass, 8, 10, 12 toms and a 12" snare). Came with a foot pedal and a snare stand. Got it for $110. Couple scratches but overall very nice condition.

I know its a lower end set but I had been looking for a reasonable priced bop kit for a while. Anyone have any experience with one of these?

I haven't set them up but they sound decent so far and I haven't even gotten around to changing the heads, cleaning and properly tuning it yet.

mike d

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What a score! Nice you have a dad that checks out the flea markets. I have been to one of those in decades.


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I had a set just like that.

They looked pretty dinky - like toy drums, but they sounded pretty darn good for what they were. Can't beat the price either.

Edit: the 8" tom and 12" floor tom and snare make it look real small.
The 10" tom and 18" bass drum have a more traditional look.
You get used to it when playing it though.

That's the set that I put a hydraulic head on the bass drum batter side. That thing was a real chest thumper.

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No Way Jose

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Sounds like a good deal. I love these little kits, they are portable and work for lots of smaller gigs.


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I remember those kits. With good heads and good tuning, they should sound OK. Enjoy. Peace and goodwill.