Pearl Rhythm Traveler snare - not bad

Bo Eder

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So I spent some time futzing with my Pearl 5x13 Rhythm Traveler snare and I was pleasantly surprised. I installed good heads (coated emperor and ambassador snare side) and good wires (PureSound 20-strand), and had to replace the strainer with a Ludwig P-85 I had lying around, and tuned medium-ish it does well as a phat backbeat snare. It'll buzz roll, but anything super busy, like flam drags or diddle patterns, the drum doesn't translate too well. If you don't ask it to do more than provide 2 & 4, it holds its own.

Build quality alone makes this snare untrustable as a main snare. I'm gonna try it on a gig tonight, but my 6.5" raw brass Sensitone Elite will be waiting nearby should anything go wrong. I am digging the size though and may entertain the idea of getting a real 13" snare by Pearl (like an Omar Hakim model). It seems natural to have a 13" snare to go with 12 and 14 inch toms ;). Let me know what you think!



Nice and chunky and ready for a solid hour of 2's & 4's! I think if you brought the batter up the slightest bit you may get a bit more dynamic range out of it, my midtown snare (same dimensions) acts the same as what you described.