Pearl Eliminators vs. Tama Iron Cobras


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Hello all, I am a 14 year old brand spanking new to drumming. (I DO have some knowledge of things from friends and family who play drums, but this is the first time I've looked into seriously playing the instrument myself) And at the moment I am looking to get myself set myself up with a bass pedal, practice pad, and a snare for Christmas just to get used to things before I buy a real drum kit. Now, being a metal fan, I of course want to use double bass, so I am looking into either a Pearl Eliminator double pedal, or a Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide double pedal. What won me over with these was how well they were rated, my favorite drummers use them, and both feature offset cams that offer extra speed and power at the end of a stroke. But I am on the fence on which pedals to use. (Obviously for best results I would be best off trying out the pedals, but I might not get to, depending on whether or not my parents get around to taking me to a music store. lol) So I am just wondering which ones you use and why you prefer them.

Thanks in advance!


This topic is the single most discussed thing on any drum forum. There must be hundreds of posts, at least estimating based on those I found. This is a perfect thing to use the search function for, because you'll get more results than you will have time to read.


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I'm perfectly happy with my Pearl Eliminators. The Tama Iron Cobras are amazing pedals as well, but when it comes down to it, the Elims. are a bit more adjustable.

The interchangeable cam system on the Elims. is probably the most useful thing about them. You can get a totally different feel just by switching the cam. The red and blue cams that come with the pedal are both offset, the red more so than the blue. The black and white cams are more the traditional feel, like the Rolling Glide pedal....I usually stick with the black cam but enjoy the blue from time to time.

Both are solid pedals but there's something about the Elims. that makes you feel like you got more than your money's worth. All of the options/adjustments. Oh and the travel cases are great too.


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Really, putting your "feet" on every pedal you can is the only way you can decide which is best "for you". The adjustability of the Pearl's, however, pretty much insures that you can get an Eliminator to feel a lot like a Cobra, but you might not get the Cobra to feel like an Eliminator. Welcome to Drummerworld.