Pearl Decade Head Recommendation


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Yes…another drumhead thread…sorry. :-(
Looking to replace the stock batter heads on my Pearl Decade…24/16/13/10/8.
Using a EAD10 for recording a wide range of music but predominantly rock.
As a amateur basement drummer I find the pool of available drumheads very deep and sometimes confusing.
I have short listed the requirements to 2 ply but still cannot decide what heads will suit my needs.
I am down to the following choices of black or blue heads (yes I know….function of fashion but my kit will look like the bomb with the kobalt blue finish with black or blue heads :)) and hoping the good folks on here can help me decide or suggest others. FYI-open to suggestions but pls be gentle with me. Lol
  1. Evans Onyx
  2. Remo Emperor Black Suede
  3. Remo Pinstripe Ebony
  4. Evans Hydraulic


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The Onyx and Black Suede are gonna give you a little more sustain. The Pins and Hydraulic, less sustain. I find the Hydraulics a little too muted, for my taste. Pinstripe are as far as I'll go, for muffled heads. So, it's really just personal choice, and what you want, sound wise. And personal experimentation is really the only way to go. Unfortunately, that gets costly. Maybe just order heads for say, the 13" tom. An Emperor ..... and a Pinstripe. See which one you like ...... and then from there, order a set to match. If you find the Emperor has too much sustain, you probably can cross the Onxy off your list too, then. If you think the Pinstripe is too muted, then you can retire the thought of the Hydraulics.


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Ebony pinstripes are the deadest head I have ever used. I do not care for them one bit. I would keep the old heads on there before putting on new Ebony Pinstripes. I like clear Pinstripes if that helps.


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I used to own a Pearl Decade and to me the best head combination was Evans G2 clears over Evans EC Resos.


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For the Decade Maple I would suggest the Emperors. Nice and resonant with a little more sustain than the Pins.