Pdp 805's do i need them


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I have had several drum kits I have had the PDP Center Stage Birch set, back in the day, I like them. Annnd for some reason these pdp 805's are calling my name. I can get them for $600 all hardware and cymbals I have three drum sets already this would make number 4. Man I want to play them tho.

Let me know drum world


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I've not played any so I cant say. I wouldnt imagine they are horrible by any means unless something is physically wrong with them.
Unless there is some kind of defect from manufacturing (which should be safe to rule out considering it appears as though this is a whole set up someone was using) or an issue the seller is trying to hide (doesn't appear to be the case either) then these will be on par with with your typical entry to lower-mid level offering from most other companies in terms of overall build quality and reasonable expectation of sound and quality. Basically, they aren't going to blow your mind but they are going to be reliable for gigs, a good beater kit, and sound just fine in the process.


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For the price they're not bad sounding drums at all. A buddy of mine had a red and black one.

That green puts me off though


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They aren't my taste, but it seems like you want them. You don't need anyone here to validate what you want. Its a decent deal and you can always get close to your money back if you regret it in the future. You only live once, enjoy the time you have here.


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Well I got ahold of the guy one time, he said it was a deal and he would get a hold of me on Friday morning... I've called him twice seems he has ghosted me, Maybe This drum set and I were not meant to be together
. Bhahaha