Paul Simon Down Under in 2013


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Seems like Mr. Simon will be playing a handful of concerts in Australia and New Zealand in 2013. Nothing else so far. I'd be interested to read anyone's review of the show and wonder about his plans for percussionists for the tour. Steve Gadd? Saw Simon and Bob Dylan tour together back in the early 1990s. At age 70, Paul's shows are fewer and fewer these days. Also enjoying his 2012 "So Beautiful" album. Very nice.


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I was just watching him on the 25th Anniversary R&R HOF concert, and he can no longer hit the high notes in some of his songs. He sings certain parts in a lower key, which is disappointing, but understandable at that age. But Garfunkel can still belt out the high notes!


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I was about a week out of D.Storm when I saw him at The Loralie(sp?) in Germany . One of my very best days. Even if I dont remember it very clearly.