Overtone Labs Tune Bot Studio


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Does anybody have experience with this device?
I am a bassist from origin so would like to tune easy.. :)



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I have this device and use it, but I‘ve been a drummer for 40 years and know how to get the head in equal tension. I use it to recreate tunings and to check overall fundamental frequency. If you have no or only minimal tuning experience it will be hard and the results might not be good. There are also some things you need to know about the tuning process with a Tunebot to make it happen.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I have them all. Can't say I use them much, just to save time when changing heads, but for price, accuracy and ease of use it's a good choice.

Phone apps work too, just a bit more hassle.


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Image no experience of tuning drums since I've been a "drummer" (Or at least, trying to look like it!!) For the last 2 years only but I've had extensive training/lessons/conservatory in classical music, jazz, etc on keys, so, I have good hears. My issue was that online, you could find very different ways to tune and have a tough time to find A REFERENCE. They all say, it depends. With the time boat you have a very extensive library of example to stay tom and even if i always use my ears to finalize it, it has helped me a lot recently since I bought I to the pint that my friends drummers with years of experience has nothing to say about my running...ok, I read a lot online as well and printed a full folder of tuning methods to read and learn from.
But for a bass player like you, this will be a valuable tool for sure, buy it, read the manual, go to the website for examp!e where to start and it will save you hours, months even years of try and fail experiences in my opinion.


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Tune Bots are awesome. Arguably the best thing to happen to drums in the last decade.

I highly recommend watching just about everything you can on how to use one. It's easy but it's still a skill that takes practice. Maybe start here:



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Just ordered this device..
Do I leave it in one place per drum, or do I have to replace it per lug?