Old Yamaha Kit- Help with ID?



Why don't you just get a tape measure out if it's that important?


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well... i did. but I'm not 100% of my measurements because I don't want to take the heads off. (they sound great!). sounds silly but i know for a fact that my floor tom is 16x16 but when I think i'm measuring just the shell it's not exactly 16in's so if i can't measure a known depth on one of them i don't want to make a mistake on the rest.

I just find it weird that i can not find these measurements on the web. But yes you're right, I guess i will have to de-head the drums to be 100% sure.

I even put in a help request from Yamaha themselves but so far no response.


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UPDATE: the vault DOES have the 80's drums after all. you just have to put in the cryptic codes:

so TT-813 F really means PTT-813C! intuitive right?!?! anyway it works.

thank to Yamaha and the awesome PM i got from Simbe! thank you!


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to OAK custom.... how would it be?
I want to find out for ATT8144 QOM5994
How old would it be? The first three letters of the serial number (on the right) are the code for the date of manufacture:

QO = 08 = 2008
M = 6 = June

So this Oak Custom tom was made in June 2008.

And the model number (on the left side of badge) may actually be NTT814... and entering NTT-814 (with the added hyphen) into Yamaha’s Drum Vault page below, will display its specifications: