old and returned


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Hi, Returned to playing after a 40 year lay off. Played in a covers band late 60's early 70's. Marriage, kids, divorce new family blah blah meant I sold gear and stopped. Made redundant from job last year , now 62 more time and thought I would get back into it. Now jamming with a few other oldies and trying to get some wrist control and mojo back. Found this site, boy is is it great! Great helpful info on all sorts. How things have changed - the selection/variety of drums cymbals etc etc . This site has helped me get some good info on choosing 2nd hand drums/ cymbals and technique etc. Well done to all that contribute - trust me it's very very helpful. I will be a consumer of this site rather than a contributor as the amount of knowledge from all of you leaves me in the shadow somewhat.

Matt Bo Eder

Welcome! Glad you've decided to continue with your playing. It'll make for a much happier you!

Now you need to get a GoPro or something so we can see you play in the new band. Go open a YouTube account and start filming. You'll like it. Narcissism is the pastime of the new millennia ;)