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We should have a National Week of Mourning up here in Canada.


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The Moth Joke is one of the best bits of comedy ever. And it's all in his delivery.
Oh man, The Moth Joke. Just...exquisite. As I read in The Atlantic, and I'm paraphrasing, Norm seemed to revel in the awkward silence after a joke, as if the awkward silence was itself the punchline. Or in some ways it felt like he was primarily trying to amuse himself rather than the audience.



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Not sure if it's up still but look up Norm MacDonald live with Gilbert Gottfried, holy crap it's hilarious.
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I like he's off the wall and mumbles-a pioneer streamer LOL. You can tell he's really that way-unlike Chevvy Chase who could pretend really well he's not a dick ROFL-I'm just kidding.