newbie and proud to be a member...


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real name?kenny smith
How long have you been playing?lifetime
Origin of user name?
Your top 5 drummers?vinnie,cobham,bellson,redd holt,decarlos'hulk'davis
Make of drumkit?dbl bass sonor,pearl masters studio,7 pc sonor,and 6 pcc grestch,hart dynamics w superior drummer 3,(greatest drum software)
Make of cymbal?paiste,saibian,zildjian
Where do you practice?home studio
Are you in a band?yes
Do you play covers or originals?both
What style of music?jazz,fusion,funk
Favourite take out food?burgers,
What country do you live in?the great USA, in st Louis
One really odd fact about yourself?been looking for the best ride
How did you start drumming?not playing guitar well also shared stage with bellson as a teen, art Blakey and redd holt who will be releasing a book soothe is the former drummer of the Ramsey lewis trio and drummer Maurice white RIP replaced him when he left


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Nice to have you on the forum, Kenny. You've got some pretty cool gear, feel free to post pics!!!