New tricks?


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Sounds like roadworks on a drum kit. Got annoying after a few seconds. Dynamics wasted on thee.

Like algebra, once you leave school you rarely use it.

Keep it in the bedroom and in the rudiments book.


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The more I look I think some of you are right-no double pedal. He is alternating quads on each foot-and he has the same problem I find in you don't get all the notes on hats-you see his hat foot play four but he only gets one note (I can get two clean notes playing paradiddles with feet but three and four fast foot hat notes I have a problem too. He's just playing quads with hands too isn't he? Maybe cymbal different? It's rudimental.

Push pull stroke

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I want to talk about Jojo Mayer’s video for a second, though. I really feel like those incredibly fast alternating hand-foot rolls are super-helpful for developing your micro-timing, which is a great way for the groove-challenged to develop a good feel.