New mid level kit vs 27 year old pro level kit

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If you want new drums, by all means it’s your money. But while I’m not immune to the love of getting something cool and fresh to make you want to play more, your DW sets would be cool and fresh to a lot of folks who don’t have them. So I always try to bear in mind that buying new gear just for fresh inspiration is only a temporary fix, and isn’t going to last very long.
90s Keller DWs are timeless and more sought after than the newer shells built in house. The build quality from DW isn't anything to worry about in that era.

The Renowns are "mid level" in price only. I put them in the class of my Saturn and kits like the newer Stage Customs. They punch seriously above their weight.

If you're worried about road wear and tear on the DWs and want a rock solid work horse kit then a Renown is perfect.

Personally I have the Mapex Saturn and an old Ludwig. My ear tends to miss the vintage sound of the Ludwig when I've been using the Mapex for a while and vice versa.
Hello. Probably not the best worded thread topic, but here goes: I have two DW kits from approx 27 years ago. While I like the kits, I feel like I need something new in hopes of bringing some inspiration, so to speak. I have been considering the Gretsch Reknown series as a potential contender for a new kit, but wanted to see if anyone had opinions regarding older top tier kits vs new mid tier kits. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Unless your drums are in awkward sizes, here's what I'd do: I'd buy new heads, a new snare, and great cymbals. It's amazing what a snare and cymbals will do for a kit.
I split the difference and got a 30 year old mid-level kit.

No regrets.