New Ludwig Speed King


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Thanks for sharing this, Peter.

Was there a price point listed?


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The first pedal I ever touched looked “pretty much” just like that about 57 years ago. I guess it’s true-If it ain’t broke why fix it?


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I still have 2 original 70's pedals that I had the heel pins replaced to something sturdier. Still the only pedal I use.


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You know its gonna squeak and the beater will fly off so you can punch a hole in your Bass Head.
Then the lube inside will wear and dry and leave you limp.

If it does not do these things, its not a real Speedking
Its the best, but its like a Garrity Flashlight or iphone, its disposable unlesss you can fix it somehow.


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I love mine as it folds up for travel. Easy to do maintenance on and has lasted me a long time. Mine will squeak if I play standing up (like I do for my Rockabilly gigs), not so much sitting down.
Foot position maybe?

Either way, it's good to see it make a return.


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Now if they can bring back the Ghost pedal :)


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First was expected to hit the mid-February ..... now pushed to mid-June.



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First was expected to hit the mid-February ..... now pushed to mid-June.

I guess Ludwig forgot NAMM is supposed to stand for "Not Available, Maybe MAY"...


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Wow. That's pretty lame. This stuff is not rocket science. It shouldn't take a ton of effort to announce a product at NAMM and deliver it to retailers quickly. The competent planners have product manufactured in the pipeline Before announce.
Somehow I'm thinking this might be being built in China (?). With the public health issues going on, I wonder if this would affect supplies of this, and other items. Although, I think most of Ludwig's hardware has been made in Taiwan over the last thirty-five years, or so.