New kit! Pearl Session Studio Select


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Hey guys! Got a new kit for my band Crutchfield! I'm absolutely floored by these things. So, so deep and punchy with the birch mahogany shells. It's been a long time since I've had a Pearl kit, and I'm amazed at what you get for the money.

I had originally been saving for Ludwig classic maples, but found out my wife and I are expecting our first child, so I stopped saving and bought my custom in ears with what I had saved. I was looking at other kits and came upon these. I ended up pulling the trigger with some Christmas money, and I'm glad. These sound even deeper and better than the Classic Maples I had tried. Thank you Pearl for making these amazing kits!



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Very nice choice! Honestly, they're just as good as the Classic Maples in terms of build quality. They're just cheaper because they're made overseas.

I love the finish too, it's almost identical to the Vintage Pearl wrap on my Renowns. I just wish Pearl wouldn't call it "Nicotine White", haha.


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Birch and Mahogany are an interesting match/mix and the Pearl Sessions are a great buy. Very nice kit you got there and that reso head does look really fantastic against the pearl old school finish. I'd love to hear the Sessions in person and compare with Pearl Master's maple/ gum combo, Pearl Reference Pure birch/maple/mahogany combo, and the Pearl Master's select Modern dry that is maple/gum/mahogany-and then compare with a Pearl all birch or all maple kit. I'm curious of all these wood combinations and I'd love to see a side by side comparison.

Craig J

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its my favorite kit on the market right now. i too was a classic maple fanatic until i sat down behind one of these. sold instantly!

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I've always appreciated Pearl. That is a very beautiful kit, and having owned a couple of Pearl Session series...I know that mysterious punchy-feely sound is the best!