Neil Peart, Dead at 67


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Such a loss.

Huge influence on me and thousands more.



Such a loss to me, to music, to Canada, and to the world.


I still haven't processed the fact that he's gone. He has been around so long. A very long career, much longer than most. His influenced spanned generations.

I had only been playing about a year when I first heard of Neil and Rush. Became a big fan immediately after that. Much later on, my kids became fans. That says a lot. I hope he's in a better place.


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wow, can't say he was a big influence on me or I was a big fan of Rush but his legacy and ability was undeniable.

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Very sad news, I remember the impact of Neil Pearts playing on me to this day. It was 1984 and I was 14 years old listening and navigating a mixture of late UK punk and new wave drumming (the Clash meets Japan). Then a friend played Spirit of Radio at full blast through his dads new HiFi. Although it was old music.... Holy cow....the beat placement the propulsion and sheer joy of life just exploded. No more introverted nihilistic bs...closer to the heart yes.


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Wow, the highest highs and the lowest lows for this legend. What a mind, what a talent....thank you sir and rest in peace. :(........


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The first concert I ever saw was Rush's Fly By Night tour, in a hockey arena in North Bay Ontario.

Peart's passing is a bigger deal here in Canada. He was quite a cultural icon, and a member of the Order of Canada. For Canadians of a certain age, many, many good memories are associated with the music of Rush, and Peart's passing brings up all of them.


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Thanks for all the music Neil. My playlist is mostly Rush these days and that triplet fill in The Garden before guitar solo brought tear to my eye. Best of the best.