Needs More Cowbell!


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Friday night is date night at my house. At 7pm, my wife and I curl up on the couch and watch WWE Smackdown. We mostly just oogle the lady wrestlers and their butt glorifying outfits, and make fun of the rest.

Last night, during one of the many talking parts, one guy had a cowbell. He go too into it, and was told less cowbell. The crowd reacted. Like 50,000 people chanting "needs more cowbell" all at once. It was glorious!

The cowbell part starts at about 5:30 and goes to about 6:30 if y'all can make it that far.

I don't like wrestling enough to really care, but this was worth sharing.


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That's hilarious! My brothers and friends and I loved wrestling growing up-so we had mock events even into college years my roommates and friends would get toasted and we'd put on a big show. Reminds me of one of our anti-hero heroes was Abdullahs the Butcher who was actually hispanic and later ran a Mexican restaurant I would go eat-he was cool. It was all in fun but we did destroy a trailer (his wife was pissed), walls, a lot of furniture in our antics. Every once in awhile draw blood-I had half a tooth knocked out. But it was all crazy fun with acting like apes beating our chest or ripping off our shirt and intimidating our opponents before throwing ourselves around and pounding on each other. No one ever really got angry and really try to hurt anyone though we did LOL.


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I used to love it as a kid. Then I won some tickets to go see it. It kinda got ruined after that.

I still appreciate the shape all those folks are in (mostly) and the athleticism it takes to be a wrestler, but I just can't get past the fact that it's just pretend. The 5 year old in me still wants them to really beat the crap outta each other. They sure do pretend good though. Maybe they should get Emmy Awards too.


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There's real power in the cowbell. I don't understand why, but it's impossible to ignore.

It might even be useful in taming nasty aliens.

LP should be sending Will Ferrell royalty checks. I'm pretty sure it was that 3 minute skit on SNL that caused all this.

I love cowbells too. I love the contrast they provide on a drum set. Certain songs just aren't those songs without the cowbell.