Need some advice


Hi all,

I need to buy a small drum kit, very portable but still with a great, punchy sound. I'm undecided between the following kits:

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz
Gretsch Catalina Club Street
Ludwig Breakbeats
Tama Silverstar Metro Jam (with a matching Silverstar Snare)

Which one would you recommend?

Would truly appreciate your advice. Thanks a lot !


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Check out the Sonor Player kit that Sam Ash sells.
It has a 20 x 12 bass drum and has had great reviews. Very compact but quality sounding, just replace stock heads.


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Get something that can hold value reasonably well and will resell relatively easy.

Buy used.

Be patient.

And invest in VG cymbals that you should never sell as the kits rotate in and out of your playing lifetime.


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The only one of the 4 you've listed that I would consider for myself is the Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz.
Reason - it's got an 18" bass drum, which is the smallest I would buy. I've tried smaller ones, but they just don't do it for me - YMMV.

Like newoldie says, I've heard good things about the Players kit, but haven't tried it myself.
20" diameter bass drum is my preferred size.

GeoB also gives good advice about looking for a used kit once you settle on what you want.
You can save some money that way to put towards other things.

Bo Eder

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I've owned the ones you mentioned and hands down, the Pearl Vision Bop kit is built much better than all of them. It's a nice solid birch shell, with a matching snare, and they've been lacquered finishes up until the most recent, which is a beautiful champagne sparkle (that's the one I have). And the kit sounds great. I'd check that one out. It costs a bit more, but I think it's worth it - very solid drums. Much more solid than Sonor's offerings.