Need help to identification of drums by lugs


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Hello drummers!
I hope you know everything about drums!
Need help identifying the manufacturer of this drum.
I have looked a lot of documentes for different years and vendors but did not find anything similar
This is 14x5 Metal Drum in gold sparkle finish with such lags


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Those rims are fantastic. It is a very cool drum. Don't know the brand. Looks Euro perhaps.
They look just like Premier 2000 hoops, so maybe this is a project drum. A wrap on a Metal shell is also strange - are there any extra holes in the shells that are covered by the wrap? A picture of the inside might help.
I have never seen lugs like these, but they look cool. :)
Actually, it might be an old Premier that had lug problems. Some Premier lugs only had one screw to attach them to the shell, so maybe they broke and somebody switched to individual offset lugs. The slotted tension rods could be Premiers, too. Not certain about any of that, though!


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There are unused(old?) holes
and the line inside the drum looks like an installation template


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Everything about the photo says student model snare drum.

Likely an off-brand made-in-asia drum, of which may have been sold under several brand names.


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Those are deffo Premier 2000 parts, it looks like the parallel snare mechanism and DC hoops but I’m confused by the shell, offset lugs and the lugs themselves which don’t appear to be Premier? Some kind of Frankensnare? :unsure:
Frankensnare either done by a professional builder or a premier early early prototype. The lugs are cool!..nothing like I've seen..ever.
The shell looks a bit weird to me because the edges appear to be nearly flat. Was that a thing? I only found this picture of a vintage Premier shell and the edges look very different.
Also, the hole for the lug screw looks self-made and it's not in line with the old holes of the strainer and the other lug hole.
Anyway, does the drum sound good? It's probably not worth much if my speculation is correct, but if works, it works. :)


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The lugs doesn't ring a bell, but the rest looks like Premier.


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Thanks community!
This is a Frankensnare.
I just looked very well after your messages and found that there are well-prepared fabric holes and addition drilled holes
Also on some lugs the holes are asymmetrical
Frankensnare, my dear Frankensnare!
But it sounds very good !!!


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