NDD - Noonan Mahogany/Poplar Nesting drumset


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New Drums Day (or Noonan Drums Day...)

10"x8", 14"x12" FT, 18"x14" BD (Nesting BD and FT)
6ply Mahogany/Poplar shells (No re-rings)
1.6mm Tom hoops
Maple BD Hoops - WMP inlay
Yamaha Tom mount and Pearl Masters FT Hardware

Full sounding despite the smaller sizes, light weight with the 1.6mm hoops and the three drums are an easy lift in an 18" BD case
A set of Yamaha Crosstown hardware means 1 trip load-in or getting to gigs in a Taxi.


Looking forward to gigging these soon.


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Nesting drums make so much sense. I love that you can barely see the seam when they're set up. Super cool.


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Nice! I still remember going to his shop in Gravesend as a teenager and drooling over everything. Good to see new kits still being made.