My Wife Sent Me These


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That top letter is exactly the sort of thing I'd send...

'Dear bandleader,

Thank you for agreeing to play at our charity bake sale. If you don't mind adding a bit of Xenakis to your regular setlist, we'd appreciate it. 'Concret PH' would go down a treat after 'Mustang Sally' and a bit of 'Akea' would be great if you've got fifteen minutes to fill, a pianist and spare string quartet handy.



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I’ve been to a Pat Metheny concert where he played his Picasso Guitar and he makes beautiful sounds with it.


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I just sifted through lots of messages from my wife, shopping lists, things I need to pay for, places I need to be, times I need to be at places etc. the last media she sent was this

Should I be worried?


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the "problem solved" and flood picture are the best!!!

and I am lucky that I DON'T have the nagging wife problem, but those are still funny