My tattoo idea. Comments Please!

Joe P

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Mister Jimmy Buffet has some light to shed on this topic:
"A tattoo is a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling."


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There s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo of anything thats near n dear to your heart. For instance- my last tattoo is of my drumset... I took a picture of my set to my artist, let him add his signature style to it, and now I have my drumset-the one I ve had for over 20 years, spent uncounted hours up-grading, fixing, caring for, playing, and loving like a child....on my skin. When people ask me : "What is that?" I say : "Thats my set, I love it like a son"..... Just make sure that when you re 80 yrs old, you ll still want to look at it. Think hard, and dont be hasty. Good luck!


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Dude, don't bother! I just went out and got the one you described (got the idea from your post) and it looks like @#$%! I will be seeing about getting it removed or covered soon.

Just kidding! Seriously, give it some thought first!

Disco Stu

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Meh, I don't like this idea so much. I'm not against tattoos. I have one myself. But your idea, as others have mentioned, is a bit too literal, I think. I'd go for something more symbolic that is pleasing to the eye, more so that Rs, Ls, and 4s anyway. I think you might regret this one later.


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Anyone here see the SNL skit of the housewives that now regret their lower back tattoos and are using a "cream" that basicly burns off the skin to take it off??? It was a pretty funny skit.


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Seriously, am I the only one here who isn't a 50 year old conservative? Tattoos are not a big deal anymore, times have changed.