My Newest Re-Wrap Project- Gretsch New Classic


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Hello all! I recently picked up this Gretsch New Classic bop kit on Reverb. Usually New Classics are $1k+ (I had a 20/10/12/14 New Classic kit that was around $1200), but the asking price on this kit was only $600 so I just couldn't pass it up! It did show some wear and tear on the cherry lacquer finish, but otherwise it was in great shape. So I snagged it, and set about fixing it up. I rewrapped it in super tangerine glass glitter from Precision. I also added a Gretsch bass drum tom mount. The New Classics all had virgin bass drums, but I just prefer a bass drum-mounted toms. I also replaced the bass drum hoops and stained them with a golden oak stain. I have Gretsch Broadkaster style front head on the way as well. I am super pleased with the results!