My Kit (again)

are there 2 bass drums, but with a double pedal set up?
Yeah, the one on the left is a 22x14 and the right one is a 22x16.

The 22x14 is like 20 years old and left to rot at some point until I found it. Sounds like crap no matter how I tune it, so its just there to hold my 10" tom, though I do plan to have a real use for it in the future, heck maybe even use it as an aux kick when the budget is high enough for another bass drum, or better yet, convert into a gong drum.
That's really cool! What kind of music do you play on it?
Thanks dude!

As long as its not Kpop or mumble rap or pop music in general, I am open to play anything on it to the best of my ability. From Reggae to 90's Hip-Hop to Punk to Grindcore to Black Metal (still working on my double bass though).

I'm also learning some gospel and jazz stuff too, its not going great so far but I'll get there eventually.