My favorite sticks


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For the last year or two I've been using Vic Firth 2B's. Played in rock band that required a bit more solid stick, but recently i found that when i played on my Masters BCX the sound of the toms and snare were choked. I figured that perhaps the force and weight of the stick had something to do with it, so i still had 3 pairs of Vater 5B maple sticks lying around (which i used before that and the Todd Sucherman sig stick before that) and decided to give those a try again. And it really opened up the sound! Not to mention that i noticed i played more fluently and that quick snare buzzrolls were a lot more tighter, so i'm back to these sticks again hehe. Might give the Wincent 5B maple sticks a go after i run out of the Vater sticks.


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I have about 6 different pairs I switch back and forth with. Right now, I'm back to diggin on the Buddy Rich sticks. Perhaps this will always be the case? (One day I favor one pair, the next day I favor another). Dunno.gif
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Vic Firth 5B's, recently switched to those after using 5A's for a long time. I have big hands and the bigger stick feels better to me, easier to control. For low-volume situations, like cafes and such, I like the sugar maple Vater Recording sticks.


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I am a long time Regal Tip fan mainly due to the lacquer finish . I have dry hands , they just don’t sweat and I find Regal Tip’s finish feels best for me . I have used so many different models from so many different manufacturers and I always seem to go back the Regal Tip 8a maple . I can do all my gigs with this stick . It feels good in my hand , cymbals sound nice with this stick .
I do keep straying from the Regal Tip 8a as Regal Tip has been making some bad choices in their business activities and it seems to me that their Company longevity may be short lived . I hope I am wrong but my guy says I am not . Now if Vic Firth made the Peter Erskine Big Band stick in double glaze , that would be my stick . I have never played a stick where cymbals sounded as nice and the stick just plays itself and was so versatile .

Like sticks , I have owned dozens of brush models over the years and my two favourite models are both by Regal Tip - The Ed Thigpen and The Clayton Cameron . Both are fantastic models .


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First favorite stick was Regal Tip Jake Hanna, then went to 5a xt, now doing Elvin Jones for band and gigs, and 5a xt for practice, still use marching sticks on the pads.


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I also float between Vic Firth 3a's, and Pro Mark PWP808 Shakira Kashi Oak sticks. And the float is usually caused by what I want to hear on the ride cymbal. The Pro Marks really make the ride cymbal speak, but are a tad lighter in my hands. The Vic's feel better in my hands, but are a bit more mellow on the ride...


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I like sticks that have a medium, round or nearly-round tip; seems like they rebound more. I played Promark 808 (Billy Cobham model, for a long time, until he changed companies) sticks for nearly 30 years; always liked the 707 model (Simon Phillips) also, and dug the extra length also, but felt the 5A thickness was too thin for my purposes. I finally made the switch about 3 months ago, and I'm glad I did. I don't need the extra thickness of the between-5A-and-5B size of the 808 model anymore.