multitrack recorder


I am looking for a multi-track recorder. I am looking for something cheap and has either usb transferring to a pc or cd recorder with it. im not looking for anything over 400 bucks. I am kinda on a budget. i have 500 bucks to get mics and a recorder. can someone help me out? thanks.


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There are a few good options out there for PC based recording. Look for low end interfaces like the Presonus Fire Box. A great little input device and it come with a copy of Cubase LX.



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have a look at the presonus firepod, i think those have 8 inputs, so recording drums or a number of instruments live would be ok. Also, if you are intending on using condensor mics, make sure you have an interface with phantom power. We used the m-audio fast track pro at uni for a while which looks pretty much the same as the firebox. Those are good pieces of kit.