More Rush - The Trees


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This video is from our first show of the couple we did last October; the venue did absolutely zero promotion, but we had a guaranteed amount of pay, so we set up the whole thing, played our asses off, and considered it a public rehearsal. About halfway through this one woman showed up, and hooted and hollered the entire time. It was charming at first...

We're back together for a show here in Raleigh on March 11th, so I guess you could say the promotion is happening now.


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Man, big-time kudos to you guys. Remarkable attention to detail in your playing and everyone else's. Nicely done!


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I thought the woman yelling was the start of the first verse LOL. I was thinking WHAT? WHY? Stop!
The whole band nailed it, very nice!
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Thank you for the kind words, everyone!

wow. Nice job! Question on the kit, is that a 15" rack tom? Also where did you source the concert toms? Nice kit overall.
It’s a 14x12, and I have it on top of a 22” kick. Neil used a 15x12 on top of a 24, but I’m a good six inches shorter than him, so I have to make do. It’s also a lot easier to find a matching 14” BCAN than a 15. Looks the part, though, right?

The concert toms were purchased on Reverb; they’re first-gen Tama Superstars in super mahogany, and they weren’t exactly cheap, but they’re wonderful.