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Hi folks,
I was silly enough to loose my metronome so now I'm in the market for a new one. I'm thinking I'll a db 90. Is there any others that are similar but cheaper, or should I just fork out the cash for the above mentioned?
I use my Roland Rhythm Coach practice pad with headphones. Works great for a metronome and also gives me something else to hit when using it with my kit.

It's also plenty portable enough so I can take it upstairs and use as a practice pad.
At some point I may add a KD-8 kick trigger to it so I can practice my footwork along with my hands.

I have the older RMP-2 model. The newer RMP-3 model is cheaper, but I don't think you can add anymore pads/triggers. The RMP-5 is more expensive, but allows you to add two more pads.

I don't know if this is what you need, but it works great for me.
I've used a Boss Dr. Beat DB-88 for a couple years now, and it hasn't let me down yet. The Tama Rhythm Watch is popular too because it was designed specifically for drum set use and it has a little more volume than others. Whatever your choice, make sure to invest in some high-quality isolation headphones; your ears will thank you!
I use the DB60 and it's nice. It loses any saved settings when you swap out batteries which is pain in the butt if you like to save different rythms and tempos.

If so look into ones that have an internal memory that will not get wiped out when you put in fresh batteries.
i'll also second the Tama rythm watch,its simple and has most everything you need including a loud enough click. i also have a Zoom 223 drum machine/metronome that is feature packed but a little confusing sometimes.(mabey operator error)lol
Lol all u people with your fancy metronomes haha, i just use a metronome thats inbuilt into my guitar tuner :p, works great hehe, cost 10bucks new lol
I have a DB-30 that I picked up on sale from GC for about $30.

I like how easily it fits in my shirt pocket so that the Nintendo Gameboy Advance headphones that I've plugged into it can put the beat up to my ear. :)
I use the Yamaha Clickstation. It has a silent vibrating pad so you can feel the tempo , also illuminating lcd screen and either programed tempo settings or just enter your tempo and you're there, instead of dialing a knob like on the Tama RW.