Marvin Hamlisch Mystery


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The recent passing of Marvin Hamlisch is interesting to say the least. He passed away this week of a still "undisclosed illness" at age 68. I searched and have not found a shred of evidence or discussion regarding as to the cause of his death. I first heard of him in 1974 when his "Entertainer" helped earn him a Grammy for Best New Artist. He was 30 at the time so he wasn't young by any means. He was an interesting choice. A formidable talent who wrote one of my favorite early tearjerkers "The Way We Were", though I love Gladys Knight's version better Barbra's. Anyway, this mystery cause of death has me perplexed. Just his relateives being private or was there something more to it? Hm.


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Nothing like a little non-information to get the rumor mills and conspiracy theorists riled up. C'mon, Scooby, we've got a mystery to solve...

On the more serious side, RIP to Mister Hamlisch..his contributions were many.


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a family spokesman, announced the death and referenced a brief illness, but gave no other details of the cause of death.

Still searching