Mapex orion orbitor


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I found a mapex orion orbitor for 1100 bucks with 3 cymbal stands 3 sabian b8 cymbals and a tama iron cobra pedal.
I'm thinking about going for it for sure but can anyone give me insight on these? Is hard to find anything on these, are these maple shells? Is it worth that much for those? Is 6 piece with snare included. Ate these top shelf kits?


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I have no idea what they're worth today. They're maple shells. But they're not Orions as you might think they are.

I've just done some Googling. It appears Orbiters were Pro M (which became Meridian) with a few upgraded finishes, and were only made/sold in 2004. A few years later they were being blown out at ridiculous prices. A 5-piece kit sold for ~$1000 when new and half that a year later (with hardware). I sincerely doubt they've appreciated back to "as new" pricing. The B8s and pedal don't add enough value.

In my opinion, I'd not take that deal. You can get a brand-new shell pack of Meridian Maples for half the price for your used, older kit.


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I own a set of Orion Orbiters that I bought new around 2003. I paid I believe $650 for a 5 piece shell pack. They are Orion shells with a North American maple outer ply as opposed to a birdseye maple outer ply that came on the true Orions. They were sold to only mom and pop music stores as a tester for the Pro M series that soon followed. Although the concept became the Pro M series, these had thicker shells identical to Orions at 6.1 mm. The Pro M's had 5.8mm. These are fantastic pro level North American maple drums that were offered at a fantastic price for 1 year only. I fully recommend the drums, just not at the price you found them at.